Fiber Art Now – Summer 2023

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Our Summer 2023 issue was a long time in the making. The Fiber Art Now team had the idea to include a Call for Entry for paper in this year’s lineup. Not knowing what the response would be, we took a chance. The result? Paper Made was one of our most popular calls of all time, and the artwork featured in this issue will blow you away! 

See how artists around the world are transforming paper by employing all kinds of fiber techniques. The stunning artwork they produced will surprise and delight you with every turn of the page.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Alexander Hernandez | Andrea Myers | Trish Andersen | Karol Kusmaul | Lasse Antonsen | Elin Noble | 
Chinami Ricketts | Rowland Ricketts | Desiree Miller | Sarah Stopenhagen Broomfield |

JURIED ARTISTS: Jo Lynn Alcorn | Lynne Allen | Andi Arnovitz | Julie Anderson Bailey | Anita Balkun | Eszter Bornemisza | Charles Clary | Linda Colsh | Grace Comier | Paula Damm | Barbara De Pirro | Julia Garina | Amy Genser | Katherine Glover | Mimi Graminski |
Virginia Green | Karen Gubitz | Linda Henke | Lisa Galbraith Heyl | Barbara Hocker | Gunta Kaza | Annetta Kraayeveld | Karen Krieger | Dorothy McGuinness | Holly Anne Mitchell | Tracie Noles-Ross | Sam Northcut | Carrie Olsen | Libby Raab | Nirmal Raja | Mireille Ribiere | Carol Scavotto | Larry Schulte | Liz Shepherd | Andra Stanton | Jo Stealey | Joyce Utting Schutter | Marcia Vogler | Tony Williams |

Issue Preview

A Passion for Indigo

Meet Rowland and Chinami Ricketts. This internationally recognized couple has a passion for indigo that has garnered them acclaim, both for their innovative approach to indigo dyeing and for the beautiful artwork they create. Read about their processes and their lifestyle.

Emerging Artist

Discover emerging artist Alexander Hernandez in our columns section, and see how he takes fabric “to the max.” Blending traditional techniques with technology, he brings life to his colorful quilts and soft sculptures.

Paper Made

Paper Made was one of our most popular calls, and it is an exhibit that you cannot, should not, miss. Who knew a humble material like paper would inspire such creative art? Installations, wearables, woven vessels, sculptural items, and so much more. A real feast for the eyes.

Artist Process

Using an abundance of repurposed fabrics, and a few fabrics she just has to have, our cover artist Andrea Myers shares her process for making her impressive multicolored artwork in “Painting with Fabric.”

Campus Connection

After retiring from teaching, artist Karol Kusmaul decided it was time to devote more time to her artistic endeavors and enrolled in the MFA program at Savannah College of Art and Design. Learn about her journey and enjoy her compelling art in “From Teacher to Student.”

Papermaking Around the World

Take a trip around the world with Jane Ingram Allen as she creates handmade paper in five different countries. Inspired by her surroundings and using a variety of indigenous plants, Ingram Allen created Site Maps, sharing the beauty of each place as well as her experiences while there.

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