Kristy Kún

2023-2024 Grant Opportunities

Fiber Art Now offers seven annual grant opportunities to support artists and organizations. Artists who are addressing challenging issues within underserved communities and diverse cultures are encouraged to apply. Fiber Art Now is a visually rich publication. Therefore, preference will be given to applicants who include their website or Instagram links so images related to their application can be viewed. Both Fiber Art Now subscribers and non-subscribers are invited to apply. Grants of $300 are available in each of the following categories:

This grant supports special projects developed by artists that benefit the fiber community and/or the public. Funds may be applied to artist stipends, materials, equipment, or programming directly related to the project. Priority will be given to artists who have traditionally been underserved by the grantmaking community and to projects that focus on social equity.

DATES: Apply 4/1/24 – 5/15/24

AWARD: $300

Las Rancheritas

Emerging Artist Grant

This grant is available to artists who have completed a degree program within the last two years or who have started working in fibers within the last five years.

DATES: Apply 7/1/24 – 8/15/24

AWARD: $300

Xuena Pu

Artists who have yarn bombed a public place or who have plans to yarn bomb a public place are eligible.

DATES: Apply 8/1/24 – 9/15/24

AWARD: $300

Valerie Sherman

The teacher grant is awarded to educators who bring fiber and textile art into the classroom. Teachers are encouraged to inspire students with hands-on experiences that enrich students’ lives.

DATES: Apply 11/1/24 – 12/15/24

AWARD: $300

Leah Cathleen Donald

Artists often create work that benefits them as the maker, but the final product can also make people think about an issue of  importance, help raise awareness for a  cause or inspire viewers to do more. Your project may express current events,  personal stories, or historical events.

DATES: Apply 12/1/23 – 1/15/24

AWARD: $300

Leah Cathleen Donald

Engaging the public with fiber art and sharing the work of our artists with diverse audiences are important core values of Fiber Art Now. This grant supports the creation of temporary or permanent fiber art installations. Funds may be used toward materials, artist stipends, installation costs, or educational programming for the work. Artists must provide documentation of agreement for the work to be installed in a public space or at an institution accessible to the public.

DATES: Apply 2/1/24 – 3/15/24

AWARD: $300

Christina M. Harkness

This grant may be used for operational expenses such as overhead costs, professional development, publicity, and supplies and equipment for fiber-related community and non-profit organizations. It may not be applied to salaries or other personnel costs.

DATES: Apply 3/1/24 – 4/15/24

AWARD: $300

Suzanne Patton

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