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A letter from Fiber Art Now's new publisher

In March of 2022, Fiber Art Now was purchased by Michael McCormick, the founder, and publisher of Quiltfolk magazine. The following letter appears in the spring 2022 issue of Fiber Art Now (April).

My name is Michael McCormick, and I am the founder and publisher of Quiltfolk, a magazine that celebrates the lives and creations of quilters from around the world. It is an honor to share the stories of so many talented people—and our community of makers continues to grow with each new day. That is why I am thrilled to announce that we have acquired Fiber Art Now and will produce all future issues.

Alongside the incredible team that has been making this magazine for more than a decade, we will embark on the next phase of a meaningful, well-established mission: to bring joy and delight to our readers across the globe and foster a community for fiber artists of all disciplines to share their work, be inspired, and connect with one another.

Publishing a magazine is difficult and keeping one in business long term—especially in an era when magazines seem to be going out of print every day—is even harder. I have tremendous respect for Marcia Young, Fiber Art Now’s founder, and what she and her team have built. As the magazine’s next publisher, I take great responsibility in shepherding their creation into the future.

I am also excited to share that—aside from Marcia, who has taken a new position within the industry—the rest of the Fiber Art Now team will continue their work as before.

To our readers: Thank you for your dedication to print magazines and for your support of Fiber Art Now over the years. You are the reason this magazine continues to thrive!

With that in mind, we are doubling down on our commitment to you. We have increased the Fiber Art Now page count by nearly 50 percent, while also reducing the number of advertisements. That means more stories, more artists, and more artwork! We will also be expanding our Calls for Entry program, reducing entry fees for artists, and offering more grant programs and community resources throughout the year. Lastly, you can now expect each new quarterly issue to be shipped the first week of January, April, July, and October.

There will be more exciting updates to share in the weeks and months ahead. But today, as we kick off our Excellence In Fibers VII issue, I want to express my gratitude to Fiber Art Now’s hardworking team, committed readers, and incredible artists.

I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity to work with and for this community; I look forward to what we will make together!


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