Fiber Art Now – Spring 2023

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Our columns introduce you to five talented artists who use inventive techniques and nontraditional materials. You’ll also get an insider’s view of the fiber artists featured in The 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, one of Italy’s most prestigious exhibitions of visual art. Plus, you’ll be inspired by the stunning paper sculptures of artist Rogan Brown and enjoy the projects of two Fiber Art Now grant recipients. And of course, you won’t want to miss the amazing art from our Fiber Reimagined juried exhibition.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Mung Lar Lam | Emily Dvorin | Wen Redmond | Shelley Rhodes | Rogan Brown | Taylor Allison | Nawili G | 

JURIED ARTISTS: Jacobo Alonso | Margery Amdur | Jenni Barry | Marie Bergstedt | Candice Brokenshire | Gray Caskey |Dotti Cichon | Don Coulter | Maya Danzinger | Cheri Dunnigan | Amy Edwards | Claire Ellery | Dianne Firth | Carol Flax | Tina Freudenberger |
Sally Garner | Amy Genser | Ann Goddard | Erica Green | Kim Hahn | Barbara Oliver Hartman | Dana Hemenway | Susan Hensel |
Allison Hudson | Alicja Kozłowska | Catherine Lavoie | Mashanda Lazarus | Ingrid Lincoln  | George Lorio | Nancy Milliken | Carol Monti | Suzanne Moseley | Adrienne Shishko | Deborah Ruschmeyer | Jordan Sheridan | Joy Stocksdale | Tina Marais Struthers | Dayna Talbot | Kristen Tordella-Williams | Jennifer Wolken | Sharon Wright |

Issue Preview

Campus Connection

The Moody Center for the Arts at Rice University in Texas sought to understand what was behind the widespread use of textiles in art making in an increasingly digital world. Our Campus Connection column takes a look at what they discovered.

La Biennale di Venezia

Sandra Sider leads readers on a tour of the 59th International Art Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia. After waiting out Covid, the exhibit was finally on, and visitors were treated to amazing art, large and small.

Art Business

Ever wondered how to make your passion for art into a business? Our Artist Business column offers a glimpse into the how, when, and maybe why a variety of artists have made that leap. In this issue Wen Redmond shares her story.

Fiber Reimagined

Our Fiber Reimagined exhibition features innovative contemporary art created from a variety of fibers and recycled and repurposed media. Used face masks, extension cords and rope, fishing net, cardboard, and so much more were brought from mundane to magnificent.  Check it out!

Artist Studio

Everyone has their own way of doing things, special materials and tools, and things they can’t create without. Each issue we ask an artist about their art, their techniques, and the space where all the magic happens. Be sure to check out our Artist Studio column, and meet Shelley Rhodes.

Rogan Brown

Profiled artist Rogan Brown’s artwork is about nature and the imagination. His labor-intensive pieces transform basic white paper into fantastical, hand-cut and layered creations that push paper to its limits.

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