Grant Application

Projects must be completed within one calendar year from the date they are awarded. The grant award winner will be notified by email. Images and periodic updates of project progress and a final report must be submitted for Fiber Art Now to share with the community.

Questions? Contact Beth Smith at

Application Form
Which grant are you applying for?
Best way to contact you:
Tell us about you. What drives your creative work? What are your biggest challenges now and overall?
*Organizations: Please describe the organization, its priorities and current needs, and how they relate to this grant.
Please describe your project & how funds will be used, & target audience for the project (if applicable).
Note: For Operating Expense grant, please indicate if organization is a 501c3, public entity, or for-profit enterprise.
If you receive this grant, how will it further develop your work or help you accomplish your goals?
Please include any information that relates directly to the grant/award you are seeking. For example, if you are applying for the emerging artist grant, explain how this would help develop your career.

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