Visions Museum of Textile Art — Gathering Grant January 2024

Fiber Art Now is thrilled to support a cross-cultural project with Visions Museum of Textile Art (VMOTA) in San Diego, California. The museum is gearing up for an exciting community event. The cities of San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico, were designated as a World Design Capital. It is the first binational World Design Capital in the history of the World Design Organization. Visions Museum of Textile Art will be a hub participating in this celebration, and is set to host a unique gathering where people of all ages can join in the joyful process of creating art pieces made of yarn, fiber, and textiles.  

Left to Right:  Mary Helmick, Helen Ashdown, Carrie Frederick, Jill Scefonas,

The museum staff and volunteers have begun creating colorful pom poms and woven, knit, and crocheted art pieces. These individual items will be joined together and displayed as an  art installation in the classroom gallery during the Latine Entretejida/Interwoven exhibition, scheduled to grace the gallery from May 11 through October 5, 2024.

Visions Museum of Textile Art envisions itself as a gathering place for the community, providing a space where people can come to express themselves through the tactile and visual medium of textile art. This event is not only a celebration of creativity but also an initiative to bridge artistic connections across borders. As San Diego and Tijuana share the stage, the exhibition becomes a unique binational experience, showcasing the talents of artists and designers from both sides of the international border. 

Patricia Wood, Lori Mitchell and Maddie Hill

Shawn Heller and his daughter, Hailey Heller.

Who will be gathering? This event is open to the public, with all encouraged to participate. Doors open on First Friday at Liberty Station Arts District. Families, volunteers, museum staff, patrons, and art enthusiasts of all ages are encouraged to join. The joy of creating art together, problem solving as a team, and witnessing the completion of a vibrant art piece has already left a positive imprint on the community. 

The hopeful outcome is to complete 500 pom poms and multiple woven pieces. This will be a visual spectacle that reflects the diversity and richness of the communities. 

Beyond the tangible artworks, the hope is to inspire a lasting appreciation for textile art and foster ongoing connections between the museum and its visitors. As the threads intertwine, the community’s collective creativity becomes a testament to the power of art to unite and celebrate shared expressions.

Launched in 2023, the Gathering Grants offered by Fiber Art Now aim to unite, educate, and empower diverse textile communities. Our mission is to foster creativity, collaboration, and innovation by supporting projects that bring individuals together, celebrate cultural diversity in fiber arts, and promote education and innovation. Through inclusivity and a commitment to sharing techniques, we aspire to weave a resilient passion where creativity and diversity converge in the world of fiber art. 


Left to Right: Sidney Windle, Judy Teitler, Mary Helmick, Lisa Tan, Anna Walden. Ann Olsen, Angela D’Amico, Jill Scefonas, Carrie Frederick, Helen Ashdown, Katrina Bruins 


Cami Smith is the Fiber Art Now media manager, a contributing editor, and a mixed-media artist.

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