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In the bustling corridors of Coupeville, Washington, Middle School, amidst the chaos of academics and extracurricular activities, lies a haven of tranquility and creativity—the Knitting Club.
A unique blend of art and community engagement was hosted at the Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences in Charleston, West Virginia. Art After Dark is a vibrant event with live music and art demonstrations by local artists. Offering free access to the Juliet Art Museum at the Center, it allows community members to immerse themselves in creativity.
“Turns out, the fleece was really nice and readily accepted by hand-spinners, who seemed to love it.” This “new” fleece proved to be of excellent quality, and after brainstorming some ideas, Kentucky Wool Works was born.
Looking around the gallery, it was exciting to see the newly created works by 37 extraordinary textile artists. Each piece was exquisitely crafted and conveyed profound messages on current topics such as war, the climate emergency, plastics in our oceans, freedom of religion, and the relentless search for respite from misinformation and digital connectivity in the 21st century.
In a society that often emphasizes individualism and consumption, Threaded Together’s Create + Connect initiative stands as a beacon of community-building and empowerment. By providing a space for people to interact with materials, realize their agency, and celebrate their interconnection, the organization is contributing to the resilience of the community, one Wednesday night at a time.
The inaugural Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat, held in May 2008, brought 32 like-minded individuals from various corners of the continent. From the serene backdrop of Easton Mountain, these men reveled in the joy of knitting, spinning, and most importantly, each other’s company. A unanimous decision was made to make it an annual affair and birthed the idea of regional retreats across the country. 
Shift Change not only refers to a new staff member starting their “shift,” it also references the shift that happens at a museum when a new curator is hired, acknowledging the reality of a different perspective and a broader selection of artists.
At the Rochambeau Library in Providence, Rhode Island, stitching took center stage as textile artists Hayley Perry and Liz Bessel offered a hands-on presentation: The Art of Expressive Stitching.
As San Diego and Tijuana share the stage, the exhibition becomes a unique binational experience, showcasing the talents of artists and designers from both sides of the international border.
Having never delved into the intricate stitching of embroidery, Zsofi took a leap and decided to transform a dissatisfying acrylic artwork with stitching, creating a canvas punctured with threads. This proved to be a creative turning point.
Pacita Abad’s retrospective exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art features more than 40 mixed-media fabric paintings and is her first US museum retrospective.
The Amani Sewing Academy helps refugee women break the cycle of isolation by providing a safe space for them to gather, develop marketable sewing skills, and begin building a community of their own.

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