Building a Knitting Community in Middle School

In the bustling corridors of Coupeville, Washington, Middle School, amidst the chaos of academics and extracurricular activities, lies a haven of tranquility and creativity—the Knitting Club.

A Community Learns to Pull Loops: Over Time A Mat is Made

A unique blend of art and community engagement was hosted at the Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences in Charleston, West Virginia. Art After Dark is a vibrant event with live music and art demonstrations by local artists. Offering free access to the Juliet Art Museum at the Center, it allows community members to immerse themselves in creativity.

Threaded Together: Create + Connect = Community Gathering

In a society that often emphasizes individualism and consumption, Threaded Together’s Create + Connect initiative stands as a beacon of community-building and empowerment. By providing a space for people to interact with materials, realize their agency, and celebrate their interconnection, the organization is contributing to the resilience of the community, one Wednesday night at a time.

The Tale of Men’s Knitting Retreats: Weaving Connections

The inaugural Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat, held in May 2008, brought 32 like-minded individuals from various corners of the continent. From the serene backdrop of Easton Mountain, these men reveled in the joy of knitting, spinning, and most importantly, each other’s company. A unanimous decision was made to make it an annual affair and birthed the idea of regional retreats across the country. 

Influences/Influencers at Craft in America

The artwork in Influences/Influencers is a dynamic blend of tradition and innovation. Visitors will encounter a diverse array of techniques, from traditional weaving and embroidery to experimental mixed-media approaches.

Wool and Water

Interested in the effects of land use management on wildlife populations in the Adirondacks, Michale Glennon is engaged in researching all that this entails: issues of residential development, recreation ecology, and climate change.

Haystack’s Community Loom

At the end of August 2023, in the two glorious weeks before summer officially ends and everyone girds themselves for a bustling fall, I had the incredibly good fortune to be a visiting curator at Haystack Mountain School of Craft in Deer Isle, Maine. Occupying a writer’s hut on the campus, my goal was to leave with a chunk of my next book written—which just so happens to be on craft schools, so it was a perfect situation.

Fostering Community Through Textile Art

Stitch Buffalo is a nonprofit textile art center in Buffalo, New York that is committed to empowering refugee and immigrant women through the sale of their handcrafted goods, inspiring creativity and inclusion through community education, and stewarding the environment through the re-use of textile supplies.

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