The Pursuit of Imperfection

“The Pursuit of Imperfection,” an exhibit that embraces the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi and challenges our ideas about perfection, will open on Friday, March 3, at the Mendocino Art Center, with a Second Saturday Meet the Artists reception on March 11, 5-7pm. Coastal artists Mirka Knaster and Carolyn Zeitler will be on hand to discuss their work. The exhibit runs until April 2.

12 Cycles

“12 Cycles” shows the breadth and depth of a complex collaboration between 12 fiber artists over the course of 18 months and thousands of miles.

Frayed Stories of Life

The exhibit, Frayed Stories of Life, features the fiber work of 13 contemporary artists who use non-traditional materials like plastic bags, moth cocoons, tea bags, guitar strings and video tape to create provocative work. An online catalog of the exhibition is available here:

Memory of Trees

Through felting, crochet, stitching, needle binding and weaving, Day-Green cultivates the implicit memories of family while meditating on her time abroad, recording these ruminations of personal history and placemaking through material exploration.