Fiber Art Now Back Issue Bundle



Fiber Art Now Back Issue Bundle


We’ve put together a special, hand-picked bundle of three back issues of Fiber Art Now, each of which is filled with incredible fiber artwork from around the globe. That is three printed issues that showcase three different juried exhibitions over the course of three different seasons.

Winter 2024

In the Winter 2024 issue, learn about one artist’s balancing act to keep her business alive and how another artist works to keep her heritage alive. We revisit a couple of artists from previous issues to see what they’ve been up to and discover how another artist’s change of perspective changed her art. And the Excellence in Fibers IX exhibition offers an awe-inspiring mix of everything from unique vessels to soaring installations. The stories are enticing, and the art will astound you. It is not to be missed!

Fall 2023 

Our two featured artists will blow you away: Linda Kamille Schmidt’s art is brightly colored and whimsical, and Kira Dominguez Hultgren’s woven works will draw you in.

A unique business venture, a dive into the world of personal vices using fiber art techniques, tufted life-size figures, an award-winning fiber artist’s studio, and “no limits” wearable art . . . our columns never cease to inspire.

And don’t miss the innovative quilts from our Excellence In Quilts III exhibit. Stitched, pieced, layered, printed, and so much more. It’s all there, and it’s sure to amaze and inspire.

Spring 2022

The Spring 2022 issue of Fiber Art Now includes the annual juried exhibition Excellence In Fibers VII. You will see the artwork of 64 artists whose entries were selected for this prestigious exhibition. Each artist is featured on an entire page with their image, artist statement, and details about their piece. A gold ribbon on a page identifies the five artists who received the Award for Excellence in the different categories for the exhibition.

In addition to Excellence In Fibers VII, you will learn about two artists who received Fiber Art Now’s Award for Excellence for the 2021 exhibitions Yarn/Rope/String and Excellence In Quilts.

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