Anna Potapova

My life as an artist is full of imagines. For their realization there are a lot of different means of painting, graphic arts and sculpture. One day I understood, that paintings are not enough for me because of their small space, and sculptures are not enough either because they are too dim. So I’ve found a very unusual way: I make original interior dolls, or more exactly they appear to me. Yes, they exactly appear from fantasy, music, books I’ve read and from everything I see and feel. Some pure wool and a bit of magic are well enough for a new doll.

Collection dolls are usually made from plastic, porcelain and textiles. I use unusual material – felt. An upside of such dolls is warm and “living”. Wool is very flexible. It combines delicate forms of porcelain and plastic dolls with softness and warmth of textile ones. Wool dolls are ecofriendly and light. They are impossible to break and very pleasant to touch. I do not use a former (carcass) or any junctions for making a doll’s body. Neither model I a doll’s hands, legs and head separately. I make the comprehensive whole body without dissection. I myself sew clothes for my dolls. I like to use nunovoylok (I connect wool and silk). I like to use wool, silk, different fabric, beads lampwork, metal ornaments. I do not make wigs. I “implanted“ the hair into the surface of the head doll. The hair of my dolls are made of silk and viscose fibers. For toning (colour modification) of my dolls’ faces, I use colour wool while for eyes hands painting acrylic colours and acrylic lacquer are used.

I teaching the art of creating felt dolls. I have a lot of students in Russia and around the world. Write to me if you want to learn how to create felt dolls.

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