It's appliqué... but in reverse. Sounds complicated but it's not. We promise.

In this class your instructor, Rosalie Gale, will teach you a simple way to hand stitch pretty appliqué patterns onto your clothing. Reverse appliqué is an excellent way to mend clothing that has been stained or ripped. Bring a couple of items that were destined for the trash but you still love with at least half of your heart. We'll plan a design, pick fabrics and hand stitch our pieces to salvage our favorite clothing pieces from the landfill. If you would rather not bring a clothing item, we will have scrap fabrics for you to practice the technique. 

Thread, needles, scrap fabric and stabilizer will be provided. If you have materials that you prefer to work with, please feel free to bring them. We will learn the running stitch, back stitch and reverse chain stitch in this beginner friendly class. 

This class will take place at Monster on Friday, March 10th starting at 6:00 p.m. Class fee is $35.00.

Everyone who attends the class will receive 20% off their same-day purchases at Monster - excluding gift cards, class tickets and original art.

About the Instructor

Rosalie Gale is most well known for co-inventing Shower Art: waterproof art to hang in your shower. She and her husband, Doug, own Ugly Baby & Monster and have been making a living creating really dumb art pieces for longer than anyone really expected. 

Contact Name
Rosalie Gale
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Event type: (online or physical)
1716 NW Market St, Seattle, WA 98107
Event Duration (ongoing or fixed dates)
Start Date
March 10, 2023
End Date
March 10, 2023
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