Laura Splan’s new data-driven weavings at Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art

"Tangible Variations" (Laura Splan × Adam Lamson) is a series of woven scientific visualizations generated from computational biology simulations. The computerized Jacquard weavings, created by interdisciplinary artist Laura Splan ( / @laurasplan) in collaboration with theoretical biophysicist Adam Lamson, explore the emergence of abstraction and noise in material translations of computational representations of the molecular world. The weavings are premiering in "Seeing the Unseen: Science + Art", a group exhibition at the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art (Rancho Cucamonga, CA) which continues through through November 18 with a public reception on August 29th from 4–6PM.

Contact Name
Laura Splan
Contact Email
Event type: (online or physical)
Rancho Cucamonga
Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art
Chaffey College
Event Duration (ongoing or fixed dates)
Start Date
August 21, 2023
End Date
November 18, 2023
Event Time(s)
Public Reception: Aug 29 from 4–6PM / Gallery Hours: M-Th: 10am-4pm & Sat: noon-4pm
Cover Image

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