Digital Fabric Design Retreat in Lyon, France

Susan Lazear of Cochenille Design Studio (California) is collaborating with Label Graine, a textile firm outside of Lyon, France to offer a workshop on digital design and printing. Lazear is a Professor of Fashion as well as Creative Director of Cochenille Design Studio software. Label Graine digitally prints fabrics and has recently redesigned a portion of their space to suit workshops for designers, students, or others who want to involve digital printing in their creative life.The retreat will combine four days exploring Lyon with workshop time both in Lyon and at Valsonne, and use of space and the creative services of Label Graine. The city of Lyon is famous for its historical silk.  Students will create an engineered print design in a garment created with Garment Designer pattern software and sewn by a Label Graine seamstress. In addition they will  design a repeat print design for yardage that will be sublimated onto fabric.

Contact Name
Susan Lazear
Contact Email
Event type: (online or physical)
Lyon, France
Label Graine, Valsonne, and Lyon, France
Valsonne, France
Event Duration (ongoing or fixed dates)
Start Date
May 17, 2023
End Date
May 27, 2023
Event Time(s)
9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Daily
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